Saturday, 31 January 2015

Final Day of our January Sale.......And Thank you..

Today is the Last Day of Our January Sale.

Thank you all who took advantage of our £10.00, Free Postage Deal.
Sale Finishes at Midnight.
Still Time Left to Get that Last Minute Bargain

Friday, 30 January 2015

I Will.........

This year, I decided not to make Resolutions,
 But to have a Line,  that would make me work harder, that would make my business more efficient and to make it more successful.
Two words, that would make me, chase my dream and get my business seen and get more people to visit my shop.
Two words, that would encourage me to finish projects that I had started.
Two words, that actually made me feel better.
Two words , that would drive me.
Two words, that made me feel successful

I WILL.................

So, Here's to 2015.
And I Will.....


1 Day Left of Free Postage & Our January Sale
Spend £10.00, get Free Postage.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Valentine's Themed products, now available.......

Check out the range of Ideal Beads for Valentine Themed Jewellery 
Our website , now has a range of Red Crystal Hearts available

2 Days still left of bargains in our January Sale, 
with Free Postage
when you spend £10.00 or more

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

4 Days to go .........

4 Days To Go
of our January Sale

Beadsmith Bead Boards
Still only £1.99

Free Postage when you spend £10.00 or more

Keep up to Date and Check out our Facebook Page
Wicked Princess Beads

Monday, 26 January 2015

5 days still left

Hi All you Beaders out there.
Wicked Princess Beads Sale still on till the end of January
That means you, still have 5 days to go
Get yourself a Bargain, before it Ends

Also there is still the Free Postage, when you spend £10.00 of more

Check out our Facebook Page
and keep up to date

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Charms & Beads for Valentines Now Available

Beautiful Beads & Charms for Valentines Day
Available at

Also take advantage of our New Free Postage Offer which Ends on the 31st of January

Get Free Postage Now, When you Spend only £10.00 or more from Our Website

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Picking A Colour for your Wedding from this Years Palette

This Year's Wedding are going to be full of Colour, from the Earthy Marsala to the Bright Tangerine. Add these with a mixture of other colours like Classic Blue, Glacier Gray, Custard as well as the other blues, greens and pinks.
These colours will look fabulous when used as part of the Bridal party, either the Groom and his party or the Bridesmaids, Matron of Honor and Flower Girls.
Combine these with either the White or Ivory of the Bride's Wedding Dress to make a Special Day, even more Special.

Classic Blue is such a deep, rich and beautiful colour, which stands out beautifully against that of the Bride's Wedding Dress or looks fashionable and chic, when used against a White Shirt and Glacier Gray Suit. Using Classic Blue, either as part of your Table Display, Invitations, Table Numbers or Flowers, will add to the magic of the Occasion.

Classic Blue Titanium Wedding Rings

From Bridesmaid's Dresses to Invitations,
 Classic Blue is Fashionably Beautiful & Rich

 Touch of Class for Table Settings

                                                                        Classic Blue Invitations & Order of Service

Bridesmaid Shoe Bow

 Elegant Glass for Table

          Ideal  Gift for     Bridesmaids & Bestman

Something Blue
Blue Garter for the New Bride

Classic Blue Bridesmaid's Dresses

Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Classic Blue Reception

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

January Sale......New Items added

New Items Added to our January Sale
Beadsmith Products Added
Plus Free Postage Now, when you spend £10.00 or more
This Offer runs only till the End of January

Beadsmith Bead Board
Now Only £1.99

Monday, 12 January 2015

Working From Church Street Craft Market... Doing Stuff and Selling Hand Crafted Goods

Hi Everyone, 
Today I will down in Church Street Craft Market till 5.00.

Why not call in and see the choice of different Handmade Items for Sale

Check out Our New Window Display, entitled January Blues.
Hope to see you Soon

Sunday, 11 January 2015

New Stock Coming Soon, So Much as well

Big Beads, Crocheted Beads, Crystal Beads, 
Czech Beads & Vintage Beads all Coming Soon.

Crocheted Wool Beads

Wooded Beads

Woven Beads

Macrame Beads

Coconut beads

Spun Beads

 Siam Crystal Glass Beads

Czech Bronze Pressed Glass Pip Beads

Lace Covered Beads

 So Much More to come

Saturday, 10 January 2015

20% Discount of all Bead Mixes & Bead Kits

All Bead Kits & Bead Mixes on Sale at Church Street Craft Market, Church Street Ballymena

                           20% of all Kits and Mixes.

             Open 9.00 - 5.00, Monday to Saturday.

When you are there have a look around at all the other Crafters and their Handmade Goods

Friday, 9 January 2015

All Orders Over £ 15.00, 
Free Postage on Sale and Other Items

January Sale Now on

Beading Peeps of the World
Have a wee look at our January Sale on our website

New Items being added daily

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Howdy, There folks. I can't believe how long it has been !!!!!!!

Hi Folks, I can't believe the last time I Blogged was October. The Time has flown, with working with my friend in the Restaurant, helping in the Church Street Craft Market in Ballymena and running my business, where has the time went.
So I hope you have all had a Good Christmas and a Happy New Year, so far. Myself, I have been busy, Firstly was not well, Great start for the New Year, but also had to do my Books for the Taxman, ( successfully finished and sent ), also had to redo and Stocktake all the extra Beads & stuff, that was in the Store. Major bit of recycling, went on as well, as I recycled Mushroom boxes, so as to keep my stock in. Now I can see everything and when I need to restock the shop, I do not have to plow through all the Cardboard boxes, tins and other containers.

 My Now Newly Organised Store Room

So How was your Christmas, Did you sell all your creations, or did you make stuff for the people, special to you. Either way, I hope you had a Good time. 
Did you do any Craft Shows / Market, this year. ?
 How did you get on ?. 
Was it worth your while or a complete waste of time & money.
They can be so hit & miss.
So, also took on the complete changing round of the stock in my shop, some of it is on sale on my website.
Moved Things around to make space for New Products, that I will be stocking soon.
So Be Good, Enjoy what you do and be Happy.