Monday, 29 September 2014

New Opportunities

New Opportunities
                    Last Week I received an email from my local Business Centre , just across the way. It was about a new opportunity , a new idea for our local town and it was backed by The Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Ballymena Business Centre, Creative Industries Innovation Fund  and the Department of Culture, Arts & Leisure and I had been sent this, because I had done my first years business, with the help & guidance of the Ballymena Business Centre, who have also kept in touch with free courses and other help since.

This is part of the email, so as I fit the criteria , I have applied, now it is all down to the waiting and to see, if I am one of the lucky 20,
      After I had handed my forms & pictures in, which are below. I headed into town to see the New Shop, that is situated in the Town Centre

So here's hoping, Fingers crossed, Etc, Etc,
Keep you posted on how I get on.

My Arts & Craft Business
Ballymena Business Centre 

Do you produce and sell your own arts & crafts?  Would you benefit from free town centre retail space in Ballymena and a programme of support to help you grow your arts and craft business? 

My Arts & Craft Business is a Ballymena Business Centre Programme supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.
 Applications are open to any person from Ballymena and Neighboring Council Areas.  Twenty   participants will be selected to benefit from this opportunity.

My Arts & Craft Business participants will benefit from the following:
  5 month free Retail Space in Ballymena Town Centre to exhibit, showcase and sell products
  Business Mapping to position your business within the Causeway Coast and Glens footprint
  Ready 4 Retail Interactive Workshops to maximize town centre trading, merchandising and retail opportunities
  Creative Cluster Mornings to share experiences and learn from craft and retail experts
  Promotion of products tourism venues, galleries, hotels, retail outlets and craft organizations
  To be part of a new and vibrant town centre project within Ballymena 

My Arts & Craft Business application criteria will focus on the following aspects…...
   Age 18 and over
   Resident in Ballymena or Neighboring Council Areas
   Self Employed Creator of quality arts and craft products

   A desire to grow your arts and craft business

Now Tell Me You Wouldn't Like This for Christmas

Was Checking my Mail, when on my LinkedIn  mail I saw this "amazing storage" post, so I checked it out.

So I decided to have a look.
Oh I Want was my very first words, but alas the price was just too much, but I can but dream
Middle Cabinet

Small Cabinet

Large Cabinet
Now do you understand why I said " I Want "

What made it worse for me was I decided to read a few of the reviews,
I was so jealous, when I read one in particular
" I got this as a surprise gift and I love it"
AAHHHHH!!! Of course you would love it

Check it out, just in case your partner , is handy or rich and hint about one of these as a surprise present

Check them out at

Dream the Dream

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Knitted Wire Designs

Now that all the colours of Knitted Wire are available from my Website & Store. Here are some of the  Knitted Wire designs to let you see how versatile, this product is

Here are some of the designs

Now available Knitted Wire in 21 Colours, Rangeing from Warm Gold to Ice Blue, Vivid Red to Emerald Green
1 foot for only £1.00

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Discovery..... The Art of Finding Ideas for Nothing

Hi Peeps,
A while back I told you about some free eBooks, well guess what i have found the most amazing website, so far, well up till now.
This website has more free eBooks, A beginners Project section, Collections of Ideas, A Giveaway section and it covers everything from Clay work to Wire Work.
I have only been able to go through a little of it, so far, but this is a definite gem
Here is the Link to the Website of All Free Jewelry Making

Enjoy it , I will.

So now that Halloween , is approaching, I actually got round to adding the Halloween pendents to the website
They cost 35p each, also there are Halloween themed Charms as well, starting from £1.00 for 10, Witches, Ghosts & Pumpkins to choose from, Also We do a mixture of Each of the Pendants & Charms.

 There are also Silver & Acrylic skulls as well
Browse  & see if anything tickles your fancy.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Due to Myself, having to commit to help my friend for a few months, in the opening and running of a new restaurant .
I have changed my opening hours

Monday   10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

Tuesday  1.00 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.

Wednesday 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

Or if you wish you can make an arrangement
to visit after 9.30 any of the other evenings.

New Acrylic Beads

Did You Miss Me..... Blogging and how it impacts on your business

Hi Folks, Have been a very Busy Bee, since I last Blogged.
 After having 5 deliveries in 4 weeks and having to help my Friend Gary, with the opening of a new restaurant, as well as trying to keep my business running, Blogging, came in last.
 But, also I discovered something else, that I didn't expect, but was interesting anyway and a lesson learned .
Since, I stopped Blogging, because I usually was working 4, 13 hour days and by the time I got home, it was late and I was exhausted and stressed and needed a little time to unwind, before bed.
A pattern started to emerge, which I found interesting. Simply, since I stopped blogging, that my Internet sales from both eBay & my Website, went way, way down, as well as my Facebook page took less hits & likes. As well as that, my customer footfall, fell as well. 
Now after reading the above , you might think, that it negative, but I would disagree, because it has shown me that even though I blogged, I had no idea, how it actually did impact on my business and how it helped me reach more customers, that I never knew that I could. 
Also, when I lasted blogged, 2 of my newest customer, one who arrived at 10.45 p.m. to get Stringing Elastic, for her daughter, rang me because they had seen my Blog. ( As long as I'm waken, I'm Open.....) 
So I have learned my lesson and believe me, so should you.

New In :-


20mm Indonesian Clay Beads

21 mm Purple & White Wax Cord Wooden Beads

                         Oval Malachite Green & Black Glass Beads 20 x 13mm


12mm Neon Two Coloured  Round Acrylic Beads

Craft Knife Set

All of these will be available as from 16 / 9 / 2014

Also available are Halloween Charms & Pendants from as little as 35p

More to Come Soon

Launching Christmas Charms

3 Day 20% Discount days,
Each Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
from 22nd September
for 2 weeks.
Instore Only