Saturday, 21 February 2015

Laird & Gillie...................................... A Different Angle on Tweed.....Plus More


Last October, I sat beside a Young Lady at the introduction day at the Church Street Craft Market in Ballymena Business Centre in Church Street for the very first time and immediately I liked her.
She was so full of life, it was bursting from her. When she spoke it was like a light in the darkness, She radiated Life and she is full of it, when she talks to you, it's as quick as the words come out, she is like an overflowing fountain. After talking to her, you feel the same. 

And I still didn't know her name

Her name is Gemma Lowry.
A Graduate from Ulster University in Belfast, she started her own Company 

Laird & Gillie 

And in That Title, there is a story also.
She uses Fabrics and Tweeds to make the most Beautiful Cushions, Pictures, Etc.
She is now working on launching her Dog Collars & Coats Line, aided by her faithful Model Millie, shown here modelling a New Coat & Collar.

Here is just some of the colours of Irish & Scottish Tweeds, that Gemma uses

                                 Below are a small selection of her Designs.

A Selection of Pictures, Dog Collars (Millie posing again) & Cushions
( The Black & White Cushion was taken from a Photo of the Dog & was
 Gemma's very first U.S. order)
Check out her bespoke work on Facebook

 A Beautiful bag for Stuff, We all need one of them.
We always have Stuff

I love this collection of Cushions

                                                                     Beautiful Tweed Cushion with Stags Head

A Recent Fair that Gemma attended

                                                                Another Stag Cushion. I love the band of 
                                                               colours at the side

Another Stag Cushion, but with a different design

A Tweed Winter Outside Doggie Coat.

I could tell you the story of how her business got it's name, but I think you should ask her, herself.
Gemma does Bespoke Orders
She also has her creations to sell in The Church Street Craft Market,
in Church Street. Ballymena

OH ! and don't forget to ask her about Hector :)

Friday, 20 February 2015

Wedding Glass Charms.........................More ideas

With Our Bespoke Wedding Charms, now available, so that you can customize your own top table.
Here are a few more Ideas, using coloured pearls & crystals

How to make Your Facebook Posts Matter, 7 Helpful ideas

How to make Your Facebook Posts Matter,
 7 Helpful ideas

As part of my "I Will 2015" Resolution and my Social Media Month. 
I have here 7 Ideas that will help make your Facebook Posts matter to your business.

So Here We Go
Engage Your Users, Post, Comment & Connect.
These are simple Ideas, which help use your time properly.

#socialmediamonth, #iwill2015,

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Wicked Princess Beads: Glass Bead Sale Ends Soon

Wicked Princess Beads: Glass Bead Sale Ends Soon: GlASS BEAD SALE ENDS  SATURDAY. Check out our Glass Bead Sale as Check out our other items, i...

Glass Bead Sale Ends Soon


Check out our Glass Bead Sale as

Check out our other items, including 
Our St. Patrick's Themed Charms

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New Bead Mixes available
in April
New Colours for Colour Creation Range

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Pick your Very Own Wedding Charms for Entourage, on the most Special Day of Your Life

Pick your Very Own Wedding Charms for Entourage, on the most Special Day of Your Life. 

Visitors to our Website & our Blog, will know that we sell Antique Silver Heart Shaped Charms, with a Pretty Clear Crystal Rhinestone. 
These usually sell in packets of 5 @ £1.25.

But Now we are doing a special Service. We are now selling complete sets of your own Bespoke Entourage Sets.

Each Charms costs only 25p each and you can Customize your Wedding Top Table.

Choose as many of the Bridesmaid, or Groomsman Hearts, so that no one is left, out, even the In - Laws, can get their very own charm, as a memory of your Special Day.

These Charms can be added to Chains as a necklace or Bracelet, Handbag Charms, Key rings, Wine Glass Charms. You can customize your creations with a colour similar to your  Bridesmaids Dresses or Male Entourage's Suits.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

St. Patrick's Day Charms & Pendants

St. Patrick's Day Themed Beads, Charms & Pendants
Selection Available now at Wicked Princess Beads

Check out our New Glass Bead Sale also at

Kitchen Direct Ni Kitchen Shoot in Larne

Kitchen Photo Shoot in Larne.
Yesterday, Gary & myself went to Larne, to do a Photo Shoot for Kitchens Direct NI. 
We had a number of houses to do in a new build called Portland Hall, off the Linn Road .
We had a bit of an eventful journey , as they are building a super new road to Larne. We took the wrong turning and ended up having to go back and start again. 
You may ask why, we didn't use a GPS device, We did, but the problem was that because a lot of the road is new, we kept ending up either in the Twilight Zone or the Bermuda Triangle, because the road kept disappearing on our GPS device.

Needless to say the two of us had a right old laugh, as we usually do.
But we arrived about 30 minutes late and got down to work,
We would like to thank the Builder and his sons for their help and the occupants of these beautiful new houses, into their homes  

Here is a few of the kitchens.

Why Not Contact Elaine @ Kitchens Direct Ni, for more information.
click on the link on the Blog page.

Monday, 16 February 2015

A Big Thank You

 A Big Thank You for all those Beading Buddies, who bought Valentines Items. I hope some one appreciated your creations for their special pressie on Saturday 


Don't forget to check in with us again as we have a Glass Bead Sale.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

For Free.. Yes Free....Helping you to use Social Media for your business.

This Month is Social Media Month at Wicked Princess Beads
and you can learn as we learn
and for nothing.
All you have to do is take the time to look over the ideas and things, that we are being shown;
Below is an article about how to break down your Social Media, whether it is your Blog, Facebook or Twitter.
These Market Strategies, are great ideas, some may not apply to you now, but who knows....
Check this out

You want to know, why we are having a Social Media Month.....Why Not.

This Month, is Social Media Month at Wicked Princess Beads
 Why you ask are we sharing, these ideas.
We are looking at it as " Paying It Forward "
We have been given help over the last 3 years, by different people, who when I got talking to, didn't know a lot about using Social Media to help their business grow.
So I decided, to have a look around and find bits & pieces, that we use to help our business grow.
NOW, we are not going to promise, that you will become a millionaire overnight ( I Wish), but it will help you understand, what you can use, hopefully how to you use it and how it will help your business.

Things like how to schedule, how to use labels or keywords, the use of hashtags, when to post, how to target your customer, how to create events and offers as well as to help drive your business

This is part of my "I Will " promise for this year, so keep an eye out for the Social Media Month with Wicked Princess Beads.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Another of my Favorites............... Wedding Trends 2015......Has to be Lucite Green

Lucite Green
Lucite Green, another of this years colours, is yet again a great colour to Stand Alone and an absolute must as a combination collection.
It is a Beautiful Spring/ Summer colour as it is bright, eye catching and is like a breath of Spring, at this time of the year
Where some of you may not agree with me and think, its a bit old fashioned. Well I don't think so.
Have a look as some of these Ideas and then let me know, if I am wrong :)

Buying The One you Love, that Something Special or "What did I buy her last year" ??????????. I Can't Remember.....

Valentine's Day
What do Buy the Person you Love................
Now There is so much you could get that special person in your life, But did you not buy them that Last Year..ooops.
Flowers are Nice, so are Diamonds, Don't forget the Card, The Chocolates and that special Dinner as well as the Wine.
Then you have to get them that little special gift.

But did you know the St. Valentines has more meaning than the pressies ans so on.
It is a day to retake your vows, if you are married. It is meant also to be coming of Spring, It is a day, to remember how important some people are in your life and also to send a card to someone you really like, anonymously. 
So, if you get a card, this year from someone, feel privileged that you are part of a Special day

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Monday, 9 February 2015

Wedding Colours 2015. Which One Do You Like, I Know which One I Do

Wedding Colours for 2015, 
Are being dominated by this year's colour, Marsala. There are some others, that are as striking and beautiful as either a Stand Alone or as a combination Wedding Colour.
For me Toasted Almond, is one of the Colours, which strikes me as one of the best of this year, it will also be an excellent combination colour added to others of this year's selection, such as Royal Blue, Tangerine or Lucite Green and Marsala as well.
Here is a few examples of why I think it is going to be a popular choice for this year

Toasted Almond Selection

Beautiful Almond Coloured Shoes

       Bridesmaid Dresses


Dresses, Cake, Bouquet and Table Center Piece

Another Selection of Bridesmaid & Flowergirl Dresses

Wedding Cake with Cream & Almond Colored Flowers

Another Toasted Almond Collection

Selection Of Bow Ties, for the Male Entourage

Table Settings, Invitations, and other Almond Themed Ideas