Monday, 18 August 2014

Last of the Wedding Charms

Last of the Wedding Charms
Yes the last 3 Silver Wedding Charms, arrived today and so did my Wedding Charm customer.
She also picked up some Sky Blue 4mm Glass pearls, to finish her latest Wedding Charm Collection for her customer. With her as well she took some of the New Filipino Beads, that arrived as well.
Love to see, that Girl.
Yes, Filipino Beads, finally arrived after touring Europe, The U.K. & Ireland. But they made it here,
 So today was a Day of Taking Pictures, Sorting out Prices, Head Scratching and Dog Petting.
The Last two things, were to my Wedding Charm Customer's Dog , Sally, who also comes Bead Shopping.
So I have got the Website categories  ready for putting the new Beads in tomorrow, But have already added the 3 wedding charms, the new Bronze Wings, Multi - Coloured Nylon Cord and 10mm Striped Resin Beads as well as 8mm Miracle Beads

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Wondering, Waiting & Wishing

Wondering, Waiting & Wishing
So still waiting for my beads to arrive from The Philippines, Now not the suppliers fault, may I add, ad they have rang me & emailed me to check.
But it seems that the Airline or the carrier ( who will remain nameless),  thinks that it would be nice for my Beads to travel around Europe, before I get them. they have been at 2 German Airports over 3 Days and then went to Brussels for 2 days and are still there. Am I the only one Wondering Why ?????.  Oh and I'm waiting as well for another smaller Delivery from China, which should be here with a selection of 3 more Wedding Charms to add to the Wedding Collection, plus some out of stock Items. They both will likely arrive on the same Day,
Then we will be having Bead Central Again
and the same customer is due back for more Wedding Charms..... Happy days..
As for the wishing , Just get my beads here, so I can get them sold.
I love getting deliveries, even though, I know what's coming.
It's like Christmas.
Oh I do remember a delivery, that did end up in Dubai once
So I am Wondering, Do any of the Beaders out there, ever had an experience like this . Would love to hear about it
Till then I will just have be Patient
Some New Items on Website
10 mm Acrylic Beads
4mm & 6mm Miracle Beads

6mm Neon Coloured Acrylic Beads

10 mm Pastel Coloured Acrylic Beads

15mm Bumpy Round Acrylic Beads

8mm AB Drawbench Acrylic Beads
Keep you Posted on The Beads, who went on Holiday

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Knitted Wire

Knitted Wire Ideas
Here are a few Ideas what you can make with Knitted Wire

Enjoy and more colours coming tomorrow

Thursday, 7 August 2014

New Products Now available on Website

Some of my New Products have made it to the Website.
Most of the New Double Sided Silver Wedding Charms are there, plus Next week I am adding 3 more
Usher, Page Boy & Flower Girl will join the Collection
Also available on website are the 3 new Seed Beads, 6mm Miracle Beads, Rubber Charms for Loom Band Bracelets, Nice 10mm Acrylic Round Beads in Pastel colours
Tomorrow I will be adding all the new Coloured Jump Rings and some more Knitted Wire
 Watch out for my my other additions, such as spaghetti wire, Non Tarnish silver plated Wire &
Stainless Steel Wire

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Counting & Calculating

Hi Folks, Didn't get Blogging last night, as I was weighting out Seed Beads, Got them in 3  more colours to add to the ever growing selection.
 I got  them in Christmas Red
Christmas Green
Black AB
Also my Second Order arrived , this morning,
So now I have Coloured Jump Rings in 6 or 7 colours to count out.
So First Order is all counted, priced and stored.
Now all I have to do is add it to my website, E Bay, etc.
A,m I the only one who hates Listing ....
See you tomorrow night
Oh and before I go ,
My friends  Vicki & Briege,
who are opening their Reflex & Massage Clinic are opening next week.
So have to get all their Bracelets & Necklaces sorted out by the weekend.

Monday, 4 August 2014

First of the New Arrivals

First order arrived loads of stuff,
Wedding Charms were first off loaded, customer walks in buys loads of them WHAT!!!.
Hope all the other stuff goes as quick.
So been counting & calculating, then bagging and stringing
Will be on website in the morning listing stuff, keep an eye for the new arrivals
.wedding charm set
Next delivery , Wednesday I'm told

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Customers Creations

Hi Folks, Hope Your Weekend was Good

I like to let people see what my customers make with the items that they Buy from Wicked Princess Beads.
Today I am going to pick two customers
Elaine Purdy from The Kells Collection & Véronique Shaw from My Creations ( Véronique Shaw )
Check them out on Facebook

Elaine is from Kells, Co. Antrim and has been making jewellery for the past 4 Years. She does have a website .
Blue Agate Necklace
Black Wire Wrapped Agate Necklace

Christmas Glass Pearls Napkin Rings

Christmas Wine Charms
Christmas Crystal Napkin Rings

Bronze Timepiece Necklace

Chunky Serpentine Necklace
Silver Necklace & Charms Necklace

Yellow Agate Agogo Necklace

                Pink Wedding Wine Charms
Two Toned Purple Wedding Wine Charms

Customized Charm Bracelets


Véronique Shaw from My Creations
Here are some of the Creations  from Véronique Shaw
Veronique is from  Brentford
She enjoys creating things for friends & family
Clear Crystal Christmas Tree Snowflake
Ribbon & Crystal  Christmas Tree Decoration

Mother of Pearl Floating Necklace


Snowman & Christmas Tree Crystal
Tree Decorations
Crystal Wine Charms

Beaded Christmas Tree Snowflakes

Lampwork Angel Wine Charms

Beaded  Candle Decorations
Mobile Phone Plug Angel Charm

Clear AB Shamballa  Angel Earrings

Black AB Crystal & Silver spacers with Clear Rhinestone Bracelet

Triple Clear Crystal  & Shamballa  Angel Handbag Charm

A Collection of Crystal & Antique Silver Twisted Ring Bracelets

Black Crystal Floating Necklace & Earrings
 Would like to Thank both of these ladies for letting me use their  Creations on my Blog.
Always  Welcome at Wicked Princess Beads.
More Creation Profiles soon..