Thursday, 29 October 2015

Did You Miss Me...Say You Did ...Please

Hi Peeps, Sorry I haven't been about lately and have not Blogged in over a month, simply because my laptop, has had to go to the Laptop Doctor...My Desktop, was so slow, a snail could have processed quicker. Trying to get orders from it to post was like waiting for it not to rain here for a whole Summer ( Fat Chance of that happening ), so by chance and it was chance, I changed my route to town and behold I spotted a Second Hand Desktop for Sale, with Windows 8 ( Oh Yeah Baby ) and after a quick rethink and a count of the cash flow, I had to have it. ( My Excuse is that it is my Birthday, next month, so I bought myself an early Birthday present ).
So Now I'm able to post and Blog without ageing and growing a full length beard, so the blogging begins in earnest again. Hope you Didn't Miss Me Too Much

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